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Stake and Earn Ergo
Ticker: ERG

TCA is an alliance of individuals brought together through a shared vision of a better world for all, made possible only by Cardano. Members of the TCA team have backgrounds ranging from former bank executives to cyber security software engineers. Residing in Cambdridge, MA the TCA team members strive to provide the most secure and reliable node for our delegators.

Earn ERG by staking ADA. 

Stake with ERG to earn ERG from your ADA staking rewards. ERG is distributed at the end of each epoch. There will be 1 ERG distributed for every 8.5 ADA staking rewards.

How It Works

Step One

Stake ADA to ERG Stake Pool through Daedalus or Yoroi.

Step Two

TCA will receive 99% of ADA rewards and will distribute ERG in return. Delegaters will receive 1 ERG for every 8.5 ADA rewards.


If your staking rewards from one epoch was 100 ADA, you would receive 11.76 ERG.

Step Three

Wait 10 days to get your first ERG rewards. After that, you will earn ERG every 5 days.

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