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How to Refold Japan Print                          8,880₳

How to Refold Japan NFT (Receipt)         Included

Subtotal                                                               8,880₳

Shipping                                                          Included



Galleria Lovelace

Information > Shipping > Payment

Please check that you have received an email from TCA. If so, we've received your shipping information and we are ready for your ADA payment. Only send ADA if you have received an introduction email from TCA. Upon payment completion, one of our team members will re-confirm your shipping information through email. Additionally, we will send your receipt (1 of 22 Samurai Wrath NFT) to your Cardano wallet. 

To pay send amount to the address:




Note: Do not use an exchange for payment. Use a Cardano wallet, e.g. Daedalus or Yoroi. If you'd like to contact an associate, you can reach out to

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