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Galleria Lovelace

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Freedom War Chronicles


  • Date: circa 2021

  • Digital, signed and numbered in pencil

  • NFT Receipt included 

  • Size: 20 x 30 in (50.8 x 76.2 cm)


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Gottz'Shamisen Rap' ft.Shurkn PapArtist Name
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About The Artist


Hayato is a Japanese-American artist with  unique versatility and vision. Inspired by artists from past and present generations, Hayato is said to express emotions in his work in manners that have been described as "fearless" and "labyrinthine". His work can be found in multiple major cities, in novel locations. You may just pass by his art work someday and with a keen eye know that "Hayato has been here". It is a rarity to find Hayato's work in the hands of individuals, but on Galleria Lovelace, this is opportunity is now available to holders of Cardano.

What You Can Expect From Galleria Lovelace

Epic Quality

Galleria Lovelace spends months perfecting every aspect of our art. From different styles of small batch paper to unique framing, Galleria Lovelace art is engineered for beauty.

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