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Cardano Stake Pool
Ticker: TCA

TCA is an alliance of individuals brought together through a shared vision of a better world for all, made possible only by Cardano. Members of the TCA team have backgrounds ranging from former bank executives to cyber security software engineers. Residing in Cambdridge, MA the TCA team members strive to provide the most secure and reliable node for our delegators.

Positive Feedback Loop: Education & Cardano

We are a group of leading institutional experts and industry professionals coming together to provide to our delegators the most secure and reliable staking experience. 

Vision of a Decentralized Financial System

We are proud to be a part of decentralizing the Cardano network. We believe in Cardano's mission and are committed to building reliable, user-friendly & professional applications on the Cardano ecosystem.

Future Proof Hardware

We use industry-leading hardware to ensure that our nodes can easily communicate & verify transactions. We kept the future in mind when creating these nodes so that they can serve our delegators for years to come.

Dedicated Operators

We are committed to providing an exceptional delegator-experience by operating this secure, reliable & community-based stake pool. 


Support us by staking with TCA

Ticker: TCA
Active Stake: 663,490 ₳
Pool Margin: 5%
Up Time: 99.9%
Fixed Epoch Fee: 340₳
Pledge 5,000₳

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