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Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Avid investors have been jumping into cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens lately, as these two blockchain-based investment instruments have become the modern equivalent of a gold rush. As these new developments have taken over, companies like CardaLordz have been on the rise. World-renowned NFT artist CirclePurple who is leading the NFT artwork is one of Cardano’s NFT market's most prominent players.

The mission of CardaLordz is to bring all world religions together through a unique spiritual metaverse. Our project’s NFTs function as avatars and admit owners into their corresponding religious areas of worship within the metaverse where they will be able to study the deity on their NFT. Each NFT will feature a deity with varying passages from their religious text stored as metadata as one of their rarity deviations, allowing for users to both further their personal knowledge of the deity and to create card variations in a respectful manner.

Two of the most popular NFTs in the market now are SpaceBudz and Clay Nation. Six months ago, SpaceBudz were available for as little as $10 each. Now, having one of the 10,000 released contracts of SpaceBudz will have a price tag of $10,000 or higher—currently, that goes for 3,500 ADA. Clay Nation, another popular NFT today, has a collection of over 10,000 clay characters made from around a hundred handcrafted clay traits in eight categories. The characters came from an algorithm-based permutation of those one hundred traits. Clay Nation is now a community that celebrates “unbounded individuality” through NFTs and has an exclusive NFT owner zone that has an online festival-like atmosphere.

Inspired by these two successes, CirclePurple is gearing up to launch The upcoming release looks to become the next prominent project to match Clay Nation and SpaceBudz. The NFT collection will focus on blockchain characters like Shiva, Jesus, Buddha, Ra, Ganesha, Zeus, Krishna, and others. Over twenty “Lordz” will be available initially.

“With state-of-the-art Cardano Blockchain NFT technology, CardaLordz has a function that if one person can obtain every variety of a particular Lord at one time, then the rarest and potentially most valuable Version...

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