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Cardano360 - July 2021

This update from the IOHK team explains the details of the progress being made on Cardano and all of it's projects. IOHK hosts monthly updates so you can always stay tuned in to the projects that are trying to change the world.

Topics covered in this video include:

  • Latest progress on the Alonzo rollout

  • Lars Brünjes with an update on education team activity including Plutus Pioneers, new university collab and Mastering Cardano book

  • The Cardano Foundation on the new Dev Portal

  • News from Africa

  • Excerpt from an interview with Micky, CEO of World Mobile with John O’Connor and Charles Hoskinson

  • Some of the latest projects to be awarded funds from Project Catalyst

Watch the video on YouTube

Watch a condensed 4 minute overview version

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