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Crypto Analyst Says Cardano NFTs ‘Seem To Have a Bright Future’

On Monday (September 20), crypto analyst and influencer Ben Armstrong talked about Cardano’s rapidly growing non-fungible token (NFT) sector.

In a tweet he sent out earlier today, Armstrong, who is the host of the very popular “BitBoy Crypto” YouTube channel, said that Cardano NFTs “seem to have a bright future” despite ” being “so young to the NFT space.” He then proceeded to mention several Cardano-powered NFT projects.


Zombits is “an NFT project of 10,000 unique crypto collectibles on the Cardano blockchain.” Each Zombit comes with “a unique set of traits,” and each trait has “a specific rarity,” which makes “some Zombits rarer than others.” Zombits was launched on August 29.

Here are the things that the Zombits team plans to do over the next few months:

Current Zombits Roadmap (as of 21 September 2021)


SpaceBudz is another NFT...

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