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Ergo Takes The Lead in Crypto Innovation, Prepares to Launch ERGOHACK II

Still soaring from the success of its first-ever hackathon, Ergo is now focusing its attention towards organizing the second iteration of its hackathon, ERGOHACK II. At the same time, there is a great deal of excitement within the crypto industry for the launch of Ergo’s first-ever cross-chain DEX. The DeFi ecosystem, a brainchild of notable Cardano alumni, is hard at work to differentiate itself from other cryptocurrencies by offering a set of diverse and unique features.

As a blockchain, Ergo offers a Proof-of-Work protocol with no pre-mining and no initial coin offering in an attempt to create a fair ecosystem, leveraging cryptographic features and radical new DeFi functions. In fact, Ergo’s advent as a blockchain platform lies in the very need to address socio-economic issues using tools that can empower the average citizen. Therefore, its smart contract platform aims to create financial equity for all.

With its first-ever Hackathon, Ergo tested out teams that wanted to “hack for change” and provide solutions to major issues plaguing the crypto...

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