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IOHK 3rd Round Cardano SPO Delegations

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

In the third round of IOHK small pool delegation, Cardano's founding organization will continue delegating their holdings of ADA to small pool operators. As well as requesting delegation to their own pools, SPOs will also be invited to nominate up to two additional pools they feel should be recognized and supported for their positive contribution to the community.

IOHK is looking for outstanding contributions made to the ecosystem that fall into at least one of these categories:

  • Build: SPOs contributing to ecosystem growth by providing tools, dev advice, resources, etc.

  • Create: SPOs producing high-quality written content and creative artwork such as infographics that adds value to the wider community.

  • Educate: SPOs building alliances, groups or educating delegators on important topics, role modelling technical excellence, or contributing to the Plutus Pioneer body of knowledge.

In addition, SPOs should operate only a single pool and have a current stake of 12M or less.

Read the announcement article on the IOHK blog

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