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Making Education in Africa More Accessible, Affordable, and Equitable

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

IOHK has just announced a new and exciting partnership between IOHK and the European Business University of Luxembourg (EBU) to make education accessible for everyone in developing countries. EBU is a renowned educational provider and non-profit organization dedicated to higher education and certificate programs. They are partnered with over 36 key global organizations and currently educate over 2000 students in 25 countries on the African continent. IOHK firmly believes that EBU can play a pivotal role in furthering the prospects of the people of Africa with this expansion of their scholarship program that will provide great benefits to prospective students.

The collaboration will give a wealth of new African students access to educational material for free, whilst also supporting their mission in the region. Further, IOHK is planning to offer courses in Plutus and Haskell to a broader audience, thereby empowering people in developing countries to learn new developer skills and become self-sufficient.

Read the article at IOHK

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