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New Crypto Startup Explains Why It Chose to Build on Cardano ($ADA)

Blockchain company dcSpark explains the factors that influenced its decision to build software products on Cardano, the network they refer to as “most promising crypto projects in the space.”

dcSpark was co-founded in April by an array of experts and veterans in the blockchain industry. Nicolas Arqueros, Sebastien Guillemot and Robert Kornacki all held top positions at EMURGO (one of the founding companies of Cardano) before starting dcSpark - a recipe that could only lead to some serious development on the Cardano blockchain. In fact, dcSpark CEO Nicolas Arqueros still serves as a Board Member at the Cardano Foundation. The two projects dcSpark is currently working on are “Flint”, a decentralized application browser for Cardano, and “Milkomeda”, which will make it easier to use smart contracts.

Here is Arqueros explaining in a blog post published on July 9 what makes dcSpark stand out among its competitors:

“Unlike most of the other companies that develop products, we are able to move between the top two layers (Application Layer and Development & Libraries Layer) while also having a deep understanding of the bottom layer (Protocol Layer)."

“This gives us a unique competitive edge when creating products as we don’t require waiting for others to develop libraries or other components we need. Instead we develop them ourselves and help improve the community and ecosystem at large by open sourcing and making them available for all.“

Read the full article here

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