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Phillip Wadler: Co-Creator of Haskell & IOHK Team Member

Philip Wadler is professor of theoretical computer science at the University of Edinburgh, senior research fellow at IOHK since 2017, and contributor to the design of the Haskell programming language. His work plays a key role in the development of Cardano.

Some of Phillip Wadlers Accomplishments

- ACM fellow and a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and a

- past chair of ACM Sigplan

- Worked/studied at Stanford, Xerox Parc, Carnegie Mellon, Oxford, Chalmers, Glasgow, Bell Labs, and Avaya Labs

- Guest professor at Copenhagen, Sydney, and Paris

- Holds more than 24,000 citations

- Contributed to the designs of not just Haskell, but also Java, and XQuery

- Co-author of Introduction to Functional Programming (Prentice Hall, 1988), XQuery from the Experts (Addison-Wesley, 2004), Java Generics and Collections (O’Reilly, 2006) and Programming Language Foundations in Agda (2018)

- Delivered invited talks in locations ranging from Aizu to Zurich.

- Past holder of a Royal Society-Wolfson research merit fellowship

- Winner of Sigplan awards for both distinguished service between 2004 and 2009 and most influential paper (‘Imperative functional programming’, by Simon Peyton Jones and Philip Wadler).

Check out his work and citations on Google Scholar

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