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Roadmap Phase 2 ๐Ÿš€ Mid-2021 Progress Report โ€” Part 1

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Dear Singularitarians,

It has been six months since the Phase 2 proposal was accepted by the community with overwhelming support. This decision allows AGIX to convert between Ethereum and Cardano. The proposal launched a stream of new AGIX-ADA tokens that will drive trillions of API calls to our AI marketplace, and further the path towards decentralized platform governance.

There has been a lot of change and growth since then, so itโ€™s high time for a multi-part update on the product roadmap!

Over the next week, we will take a close look at every branch of SingularityNET, giving you a detailed progress report and health check on each of them.

Roadmap week will cover the following topics โ€“ - Organization - Milestone planning - SingularityNET and the platform - AI-DSL - OpenCog Hyperon - TrueAGI - SingularityDAO - NuNet - Rejuve - SophiaDAO - Xccelerando - Awakening Health


This new roadmap has been crafted against the backdrop of organizational change, made possible by the community approval of the Phase 2 proposal. The executive team has been expanded, including some high-profile hires, such as Mario Casiraghi as CFO and Janet Adams as COO.

The Phase 2 roadmap calls for steps towards organizational decentralization, while still retaining an Executive Council. This translates to an open organizational culture with maximum freedom, responsibility, collaboration, for each individual and team, along with just enough overarching structure to enable smooth cross-team communication and good financial sense.

Milestone planning

Before continuing with the milestones of each of our projects, weโ€™d like to give a little bit of context to these plans. At least three variables, outlined below, may impact some of the...

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Written by Ibby Benali.

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