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Rwanda-Based NGO Partners With Cardano Foundation to Launch ADA Crypto Charity Platform

Save the Children in Rwanda recently became the latest member of the NGO community to endorse cryptocurrencies after it announced the establishment of a partnership agreement with the Cardano Foundation.

ADA Donations

According to a statement released by parties to the project, this arrangement became possible after Cardano “installed a payment gateway that allows ADA donations to come directly to the project without intermediaries.” Once received, the funds will be “invested in African-based social enterprises with a proven impact on children, families, or youth.”

Already, some 22,000 ADA, worth nearly US$30,000, has been donated through the system within hours of its launch, according to the statement. Meanwhile, Maggie Korde, Save the Children’s country director in Rwanda is quoted explaining how cryptos and blockchain technology can help school children from the country. She said:

"Through Cardano, Save the Children in Rwanda now has a starter pot of the cryptocurrency ADA which we can deploy to projects for children. But there are also countless possibilities through blockchain to firstly directly impact children’s lives through initiatives such as digital school records and secondly to increase our efficiency and transparency as an organization."

New Path for Save the Children

Similarly, Ettore Rossetti, a senior advisor at Save the Children, also applauds the partnership, which has brought another “exciting new path for the organization.” She also discusses other solutions that are made possible by blockchain technology. Rossetti said:

“Beyond cryptocurrency contributions, what if blockchain technology could be used to make supply chains more efficient, transactions...

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Written by Terence Zimwara.

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