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SigmaUSD - Ergo’s Stablecoin

SigmaUSD is the USD pegged stablecoin that is part of the AgeUSD Protocol; a novel crypto-backed algorithmic stablecoin protocol that has been created in joint partnership by the Ergo Foundation, EMURGO, and IOG on top of the Ergo Blockchain. For those who are new to the Ergo ecosystem, “Sigma” refers to the core of what powers Ergo’s cryptography & smart contracts, that being Sigma Protocols. No other blockchain in the cryptocurrency sphere uses Sigma Protocols, and thus this is one of the strong selling points of what makes Ergo extremely unique, nevermind it's intention to be used in perfect conjunction with the Cardano Ecosystem. The Sigma protocols used in the ERGO blockchain and in the SigmaUSD stablecoin enable privacy-preserving primitives to be used for cheap by anyone in the ecosystem, which has future potential for business/enterprise use cases and more.

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