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The Ergo Emission Schedule

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Ergo's native token ERG is a proof of work cryptocurrency with a maximum supply of 97,739,925 tokens. Ergo is a relatively young project, but it has big plans for the future of blockchain, especially in the areas of decentralized finance and privacy. Its mining and emissions strategy are different than most other proof of work blockchains in an attempt to increase the efficiency and sustainability of the Proof of Work consensus strategy used in the majority of cryptocurrencies today. The Ergo block interval is 2 minutes and for the first 2 years, each block will release a total of 75 Ergs to be shared between the miners and the Treasury. Starting at year 2, the rate of emission will fall by 3.0 Ergs and further decline every 3 months by an additional 3.0 Ergs, which will result in complete end to emission 8 years after launch. There will be no additional inflation and the Erg monetary base will remain fixed.

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