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What Is Cardano Cryptocurrency And How Does It Differ From The Rest?

In this compact and information dense article, look into why the Cardano project has such massive potential.

Strong points of the Cardano Network described in the article include the following:

  • It is the only currency that uses a mathematically proven security protocol, as well as the Haskell programming language, which allows code to be mathematically correct and protected from potential human error.

  • Improved scalability of the Cardano network through the use of a two-tier blockchain.

  • The developers plan to implement quantum digital signatures, which would theoretically make the Cardano blockchain safe from being hacked by quantum computers.

  • The team clearly follows the established roadmap and regularly publishes progress reports.

  • The project has a strong team backed by three major organisations and scientists from the world’s leading universities.

Read the full article here

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