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Secure and Reliable Cardano Stake Pool
Ticker: TCA

TCA is an alliance of individuals brought together through a shared vision of a better world for all, made possible only by Cardano. Members of the TCA team have backgrounds ranging from cyber security software engineers to former bank executives. Brought together in Cambridge, MA, TCA is a global company dedicated to enhancing the Cardano experience.

Premium Blinkist subscriptions for our first 200 delegators.

Earn ADA by staking with TCA.

TCA professionally manages a secure and reliable stake pool. We believe in Cardano's mission and are committed to building a reliable, user-friendly and valuable experience for those in the Cardano ecosystem.

How It Works

Step One

Stake ADA with TCA through Daedalus or Yoroi.

Step Two

TCA delegators earn a 4-6% APY on their ADA, distributed every 5 days.


If you stake 50,000₳, you can expect to average close to 35₳ every 5 days.

Delegator Gifts

Each delegator receives exclusive Galleria Lovelace access and a premium Blinkist subscription.

Supporting TCA

Delegating with TCA and enjoying our experience allows us to continue making beautiful things for the Cardano community.

TCA Pool Stats

Ticker: TCA
Active Stake: 663K

Pool Margin: 5%
Blocks Minted: 1
Fixed Epoch Fee: 340₳
Pledge: 5K₳

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Stake (Delegate) From Your Daedalus Wallet 


Professionally Managed Stake Pool

TCA is professionally managed by our team of software engineers with backgrounds in cyber security at leading commercial banks.

Hardware and Network 

TCA uses high life-span hardware and an enterprise fiber optic network in order to optimize performance.

Delegator Benefits 

Enjoy early access to fine art, a free Blinkist subscription, exclusive access to TCA content and more. 

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