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We Are 


TCA is an alliance of individuals brought together through a shared vision of a better world for all, made possible only by Cardano. Members of the TCA team are former Wall Street senior bank executives, Google AI resident researchers, cyber security engineers at leading financial institutions in New England, and computer science Ph.D.'s and spacecraft engineers in Cambridge (Massachusetts), Helsinki and Moscow.


Brought to Cambridge, Massachusetts at different times to pursue education, the original TCA members were united through a shared vision of a better future which is possible through the scientific approach and beauty of Cardano, and  TCA has continued to build a team consisting of those with a similar mindset - those who seek to push the bounds of innovation and decentralization, and in the process, create something truly beautiful at the same time. 


TCA is passionate about striving to provide the best products to the Cardano community - enhancing the experience for retail, merchants, and institutional investors.

TCA strives to build crucial blockchain infrastructure and provide the ultimate user experience. 


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